1956 February 17

Willie Morris Pushes Freedom of the Press for Univ. Texas Student Paper


Willie Morris, editor of The Texan at the University of Texas, on this day continued his editorial campaign for freedom of the press for the student paper. University administrators had recently rejected two of Morris’ editorials (which were actually reprints from The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor) over a natural gas bill pending in the legislature. Morris had also incurred the displeasure of the governor over oil legislation and civil rights.

Morris went on to become an acclaimed editor of Harper’s Magazine in the 1960s and the author of a number of highly regarded books.

Read Morris’ memoirs: Willie Morris, North Toward Home (1967) and New York Days (1993)

Watch a tribute to Willie Morris:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbpPIOrMxyY

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